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Web Trends / Post - 10 months ago

6 Tips for Intuitive Web Design

Intuitive web design does not mean that you as a designer should be able to whip up a website without any thought being required. Intuitive web design is to be viewed from the user perspective. If the user does not have to think while using your webs...

Web Trends / Post - 10 months ago

Webdesign: The Basics of Information Architecture

Information access should be well organized and structured in order for the one searching for information to be able to find it quickly. This takes extensive thought in advance of the design creation. The result is information architecture. The term...

Web Trends / Post - 10 months ago

Mind Your Step: Flat Design Could Have Your Head

Huh? Wasn’t flat design supposed to be the best thing since canned beer? A new study shows that the opposite can be the case. And it makes perfect sense. Are you a designer? If so, the results of the rather new study on flat design may hurt you...